Case Closed

Click to Download PDF: Tiny Sparks newsletter. Spring 2021

The legal battle between Sofía Vergara (Modern Family actress) and ex-fiancé Nick Loeb came to a close in March 2021 when a Los Angeles court granted Vergara a Permanent Injunction, thus blocking Mr. Loeb from “creating ‘a child without the explicit written permission of [Vergara].’”[1]

I share this news with you for three reasons.

First, to point out that the court’s order cannot prevent Mr. Loeb from, “creating a child;” the child (2 actually) has already been created. What the order does is prevent Mr. Loeb from enabling his children to grow and develop, that is, to continue to live. Second, even though the ethical issues here (i.e., frozen embryo custody, surrogacy) are not within SHG’s scope, stumbling across the Thomas More Society’s application to file an amicus brief in the Loeb/Vergara case inspired in me the need to take some kind of action on behalf of our youngest brothers and sisters.

And finally, to acknowledge that the outcome for Ms. Vergara and Mr. Loeb’s frozen embryonic children is bleak. I imagine these young humans will be kept frozen for a long time, possibly longer than the earthly lives of their parents. With current cryopreservation technologies and barring storage tank failure, the Loeb/Vergara children will remain trapped in a storage container, neither disintegrating nor growing, their lives paused indefinitely.

This tragedy is not an unusual by-product of IVF, and these seemingly hopeless situations could cause some to despair.

But there is always hope. In a way we can’t imagine and according to a timeline not of our design, something just and beautiful will emerge. Until then, let’s continue to do what we can and pray for the youngest people and their families.

Laura Elm

Director & Founder. Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter


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