Information & Resources consistent with Magisterium instruction on IVF

If you are considering IVF, please speak with your priest or pastoral care representative. It is important to understand that the Church teaches against IVF, but perhaps even more so, the reasons why.

“Ethical Concerns on IVF.” Morning Air on Relevant Radio, hosted by John Morales and Glen Lewerenz, featuring Joseph Meaney PhD, President of the National Catholic Bioethics Center. November 12, 2021. Dr. Meaney explains the Catholic Churches teaching on IVF, the process involved in this procedure and the common complications and abuses that can take place. Click here to access the audio. Topic starts at 22:03.

“IVF: The Rest of the Story.” The Catholic View for Women. Hosted by Teresa Tomeo. Click here to access the video.

What is the Church’s view on IVF?The Patrick Madrid Show on Relevant Radio. May 28, 2019. Hour 2. Patrick’s answer begins at 17 minutes, 43 seconds. Click here to access the audio.

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