Isn’t knowing how something may end important at the start?

By Laura Elm. SHG Executive Director and Founder.

Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter (SHG)’s exhibitor application for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association’s “Midwest Family Building Summit” was recently denied, with RESOLVE stating that SHG’s services (embryo remains burial) are not a “fit” for attendees. I disagree.

RESOLVE’s denial stated that that “the attendees to this event are those seeking information on how to build their family.  They are possibly just starting out in medical treatment or exploring their options with adoption or third party reproduction.   We do not think that the nature of your services fits this audience.

From the RESOLVE web page: “This Summit is designed to address the physical and emotional issues associated with infertility and adoption. Attendees will learn about new treatments, be able to talk directly to doctors and specialists, explore parenting options and network with others experiencing infertility. Medical experts, attorneys, counseling professionals, adoption agencies, and those who have experienced infertility firsthand will provide information regarding all aspects of your family building journey.” https://resolve.org/get-involved/events/local-events/midwest-family-building-summit/. Accessed on 10/15/2019. This Summit will be held on November 9, 2019 in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

SHG’s goal in exhibiting would be to help potential IVF patients understand that embryos are human beings in their earliest stages of development, that there are several reasons for embryo mortality in IVF labs, and that burial for deceased embryos is available. It is unlikely that IVF clinics clearly explain these facts with patients, but yet they are facts that may factor into the decision to pursue IVF in the first place.

The conversations we have with potential IVF patients are not easy. But just because the subject matter is challenging doesn’t mean it should be evaded. We feel deeply for people who long to be parents, but we also know that emotions should not stand in the way of access to objective facts that may impact their decision to pursue a certain path of treatment.

Click for SHG’s response to RESOLVE’s denial.

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