Twice a year, SHG mails postcards to more than 1,500 doctors and embryologists at IVF centers across the United States, asking them to let us facilitate burial for the human beings who die in their labs, human beings they would otherwise dispose of as waste. SHG postcards use bright colors and vivid pictures so that all employees, clinical and administrative staff alike, see our message and are reminded of the basic biological truth that human embryos are fully human beings.

We then call the clinics and ask again to provide burial for the deceased embryonic children. Common (but unfortunately erroneous) objections pertain to terminology: “A ‘fertilized egg’ is not an embryo,” or “It’s not an embryo until it implants.” Rather than get derailed by the industry’s fluid, perhaps misleading, use of terms, the 2021 postcard uses pictures rather than words to specifically indicate specifically what, or more accurately, who, we aim to serve.

These conversations are not easy. Our plea is frequently met with laughter, disbelief, and sometimes hostility. But even when we are unable to facilitate burial, we hope to at least remind IVF industry workers of what they have forgotten: that human embryos are human beings, and that all human beings deserve profound, unconditional respect. Please pray for the SHG mission, the embryonic human beings dying or frozen in IVF labs, the embryos’ families, and IVF workers.

2021 SHG Outreach Postcard to IVF Centers – Front
2021 SHG Outreach Postcard to IVF Centers – Back

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